Lock 27 (Glasgow)

Address: 1100 Crow Road, Glasgow, G13 1JT
Telephone: 0141 954 1144
Quiz starts at: Tuesday, 7.30pm
Prizes on offer: 1st – meal for 4; 2nd – bottle of house wine; 3rd – 4 bottles of the beer of the week.  In addition, there is a “Play Your Cards Right” game for a cash jackpot.
Entry fee: Free
Food available: Until 9pm; crisps, nuts, etc. thereafter

Visit the bar’s website, or follow them on facebook

This is a Sir James quiz – visit the quizmaster’s facebook or twitter page or visit
his website here.

Been to this quiz?  Let us know what you think!  Get in touch via email at hello@pubquizzy.com, or via Facebook or twitter.

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