Welcome to PubQuizzy!

Facebook_Profie[1]PubQuizzy is your number one resource for information on pub quizzes across Scotland.

To begin, just choose the area of Scotland you’re interested in from the menu above. You will then be able to browse the quizzes for that area, listed by day of the week.  Or, if you know the name of the pub you are looking for, just enter it into the search box.  Alternatively, you can use our pub quiz map.

Please also note that, although we list hundreds of quizzes across Scotland, we do not run any of them.  Indeed, we are completely independent and not affiliated with any of the quizzes.  Therefore, particularly in the recent turbulent times, we may not know if a quiz has been cancelled or changed – if you know better, please tell us!  It is also advisable to call and check with the pub that the quiz is running before you first attend.

In addition, this means that if you have a question about a quiz, are interested in a job behind the bar or lost your jacket last Thursday: please contact the pub directly.  Thank you! 

Happy quizzing and we hope you stay safe and well.


We are getting increasing amounts of contact from people looking for a quizmaster to run a one-off or charity pub quiz for them.  If you are a quizmaster and this is something you are interested in doing, please get in touch with us on the details below letting us know where you’re based and what your typical fee would be.  We’ll then pass on your details when these queries come up.  Thanks!

You can contact us on hello@pubquizzy.com or follow us on facebook or Twitter!

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