153 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DA


0141 248 4427

Quiz starts at:

Wednesday, 8pm

Prizes on offer:

Winners - £20 voucher; booby prize - packet of Nobby's Nuts

Entry fee:


Food available?

Until 7.45pm; crisps, nuts, etc. thereafter

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+5 #3 James Gilchrist 2016-10-20 01:22
I'm the new quiz-master at The Bon Accord, and would like to invite you all over for what is a cracking night every Wednesday from 20:15. As an experienced quizzer myself, I know what people are looking for in a quiz - so I offer a varied and fun range of questions and topics with NO recycling of material. The format is simple: there are four rounds of questions dedicated to certain topics (vary weekly). Each correct answer is worth 1 point, whilst each team can play a joker round, worth double points for that round. There is also a big general knowledge quiz at the end which covers a mahoosive range of trivia from the high-brow to the utterly ridiculous. It's FREE and well worth a shot. The prize is now £20 for the bar (can be used on food OR drink). There are also spot-prizes and a prize draw at the end. Easily one of the best 90 minutes you'll spend in a week!
+2 #2 Sean 2016-07-29 18:12
Since my last review of this quiz I have visited a good few times and have to say that it has gone downhill somewhat.
The previous quizmaster has sadly died with his wife taking over presenting duties.
Obviously circumstances are difficult for her but all she does is recycle previous quizzes - sometimes with only a couple of weeks difference.
It has come to the point now when most teams are getting almost every question correct.
Attendance is also down and it's probably only going to get worse.
A shame because this used to be one of the better quizzes ..... maybe if the management had a word and supported her in making some new quizzes then it might improve.
+2 #1 Sean 2013-08-16 18:40
A very well attended and varied quiz.
The quizmaster does a great job engaging with his audience.
I attended this quiz in August and when I was there the quiz was won by a team of 14 - beating a team of two into second place - a wee bit unfair but I can't really complain too much as everyone took it in good part.

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